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Known as Piri, a charming little city 150 km away from Brasilia (2hs drive), was founded in the beginning of the 1700 during the gold exploitation boom.

Today is quite a peaceful village. It’s main highlights are the large houses and monuments in colonial style, its charming streets and alleys; its exuberant nature.

In the region, visitors will discover waterfalls of different formations, bathed by crystalline waters and tracks passing by different and gracious savannah formations. Hills surrounded all the region with belvederes that open on beautiful landscapes. The region has many specialties, handcrafts, ceramic, weaving, sculpture, confection of candles, rustic furniture, silver jewels and semiprecious stones.

Also others traditional aspects are really interesting, music, mixture of popular and erudite traditions; the rich gastronomy, expressed with sophistication and simplicity includes aromas and flavors of European, African and indian ingredients; and finally, but not less important, happy and friendly people.