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National and main local holidays 

The dates below may influence the availability and price of hotels

January 1st – New Year’s Day
January 20th – Saint Sebastian / São Sebastião Day (only in the city of Rio de Janeiro)

February 26th to March 01st – Carnival

March 02nd – Ash Wednesday – Carnival

April 15th to 17th – Easter
April 21st – Tiradentes day (Brazilian nationalist martyr of the XVIII century)
April 23rd – Saint George / São Jorge day (only in the state of Rio de Janeiro)

May 01st – Labor Day

June 16th – Corpus Christi (Ascension day)
June 24th – Saint John / São João (only in some Northeastern states)

July 02nd – Independence Day of Bahia (only in Bahia)

September 07th – Independence Day of Brazil

October 12th – Our Lady of Aparecida / Nossa Senhora de Aparecida

November 02nd – Toussaint (All Souls’ Day)
November 15th – Day of the Proclamation of the Republic
November 20th – Day of the Black Consciousness (in the states of the Amazonas, Mato Grosso, Rio de Janeiro and main cities)

December 25th – Christmas

Main Events (all subject to change without previous notice) :
The dates below may influence the availability and price of hotels

Bonfim’s Festival – Jan, 16th (Salvador)
Tiradentes’ Film Festival – Jan, 21st to 29th (Tiradentes)
Iemanjá’s Festival – Feb, 02nd (Salvador)
Tiradentes’ Photography Festival (Foto em Pauta) – Mar, 16th to 20th (Tiradentes)
Lollapalooza Music Festival – Mar, 25th to 27th (São Paulo)
SP Arte – Apr, 06th to 10th (São Paulo)
Carnival´s Parade – Apr, 22nd to 23rd (Rio de Janeiro)
Carnival Winner’s Parade – Apr, 30th (Rio de Janeiro)
ILTM – May, 02nd to 07th (São Paulo)
Hospitalar Tradeshow – May, 16th to 20th (São Paulo)
Bourbon Jazz Festival – May, 20th to 22nd (Paraty)
Divino’s Festival – May, 27th to Jun, 05th (Paraty)
Bike Fest Tiradentes (Jazz & Blues Festival) – Jun, 22nd to 26th (Tiradentes)
Cachaça’s Festival – Aug, 18th to 21st (Paraty)
Rock in Rio – Set, 02nd to 11th (Rio de Janeiro)
Paraty in Focus – Sep, 21st to 25th (Paraty)
Paraty’s Gastronomy Festival – Oct, 07th to 09th (Paraty)
Círio de Nazaré – Oct, 24th (Belém)
Christmas of Lights– Oct, 27th to Jan, 29th 2023 (Gramado)
Formula 1 Car Race – Nov, 11th to 13th (São Paulo)
FLIP (Paraty International Literature Festival) – Nov, 23rd to 27th (Paraty)
Comic Con – Dec, 01st to 05th (São Paulo)
Pan-American Master Games Rio – Dates to be confirmed (Rio de Janeiro)

Important: Please note that during holidays, either local or national ones, the commerce, transportation, hotels and services in general, may function differently from the usual.